Winter Skater!

Gossshhh it's been hell I'm not posting something on my blog *sigh*
Been busy with college thingy. Boring...
But not anymore and i think this is the right time to post some pics! Hahaha
By the way i was wearing
Black Jumper/Hoodie
Hotpants+Black Stocking
Enjoy my post! :D

This is my bestie, the only DEYN you know :)


Hey bloggers! :D
Omg its been awhile im not posting a blog.
So these are some photos of my holiday activity.
Kinda weird pose and u know im always choosing the candid photos :D
What i wore:
Nike Beanie
Nike Shirt
Houndstooth pattern skirt
Lv Bag
Nike Shoes
Burberry Coat

Red Head

Hello again :)
Maybe this time im going out simple..
U know this simple outfit is just so comfortable.
So...... Here i am wearin simple :)

Details: Red Snapback: DC. Celine Bag: random online shop. Black Wedges: random online shop. Pants: Mangos Boutique. Black Shirt: Gaudi.

Tiger Face

 Hi guys!!! Im here again :)
its been a long time im not blogging.
soooo, last week(maybe) i did a photoshoot with my friend
i wore a tiger face shirt, my sister gave it to me xD
and neon satchel i bought online shop x)
and studded shoes by Amanda Jane's.
so here's the result. Enjoy my photos ;)